Why Does Hair Turn Green After Swimming Sometimes?

It has long been thought that chlorine is the sole cause of hair turning green after swimming. The truth is that cooper is the real culprit. Copper can be present in your water from a variety of different sources.

Likely sources could be corrosion of your plumbing, erosion of natural deposits that end up in your water, and algaecides commonly have high percentages of copper. When there is a lot of copper present in your pool water, it is possible for it to attach itself to the follicles of the swimmer’s hair. You will notice this change in color primarily in those swimmers with blond or white hair because they are lacking pigment in their hair so it is more evident (although it attaches to all hair colors).

There are special shampoos on the market that will form a bond with the cooper in the hair follicles and rinse it away in the shower. Another way to help prevent discoloration is to rinse hair immediately following swimming. The best way to prevent this is to regularly monitor and maintain your water chemistry. Oftentimes, the copper will enter the water after a big swing in the pH that causes the water to become corrosive dissolving copper into your water. By making smaller adjustments with your chemicals on a regular basis you will avoid these large swings in pH that can cause these problems for your pool, its equipment and your hair!

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