Swim Toys: the Good, the Bad, and the Floaties

pool floaties

Floaties, Noodles at Fun at the Pool!

Okay. So, none of the pool toys are really bad, but it made for a catchy title! The pool industry is drenched (ha…pun intended) in pool toys. There’s certainly merit in the” swim laps is all you need” thinking. It’s great exercise! However, let’s face it. Sometimes we just wanna get in and splash around! So, why not have some fun toys to help us in our endeavors!

  • POOL NOODLES are not what you put into the pool to make a pool-sized pot of spaghetti, BUT they are a pool toy classic! These extremely versatile toys can be used to help with floatation, used when learning how to swim, used for pool exercises, and more. The pool noodle can also aid in balance and be used as a resistance factor in the water. Pool noodles are indeed grand and very inexpensive! You can find them at the dollar store.
  • BEACH BALLS are also very popular! Invented in 1938, this lightweight ball of plastic filled with air is used at the beach and in pools everywhere. Toddlers love beach balls and games such as bumper balls can be played using this toy.
  • SWIM FLOATIES are probably the biggest contributor to the swimming of all swim toys. A whopping 65% of Americans are non-swimmers. Imagine what that percentage would be if we didn’t have floaties? Gaining popularity in the early 1900s, they eased parents’ worries and children’s nerves.

These are the most popular and long standing pool toys. However, let’s not forget the classic rubber yellow ducky, and the more recent diving sticks made in all kinds of popular children’s cartoon characters. Additional pool toys include water volleyball and basketball or kickboards, fins, and the list goes on and on and on! So grab a toy and go have some wet fun!

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