What are Phosphates?

Phosphates are known nutrients that will help plant life grow. In regards to pool care, it’s important to know the level of phosphates your pool might contain as this is something that can prevent algae from colonizing in your pool.

Where do the phosphates come from? 

  • From organic materials such as leaves and sticks that decompose in your pool
  • From fertilizer or dirt blowing into your pool.

There have been a lot of studies on this subject and it has been discovered that most pools are not susceptible to above-normal phosphate levels from this type of organic material (unless you dump multiple bags of fertilizer into your pool).

Most pools that have unusually high phosphate levels got to this level by using a stain or scale remover that was not phosphate-free. If your pool begins to experience algae growth more often than it should, you will want to have your phosphate levels checked.

Treating high phosphate levels is relatively easy. You can buy a variety of different phosphate removers and essentially what they will do is bind with the phosphates in your water so that when they get to your filter will stay in your filter and not go back into your pool. The best preventive method is that if you choose to use a scale or stain remover, make sure the product is phosphate-free. Most water quality test kits do not include something that allows you to test for phosphates.

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