At Home Pool Maintenance for Jacksonville Residents

Pool Skimmer

At Home Pool Maintenance for Jacksonville Residents.

The key to keeping your Jacksonville pool sparkling clean in between professional service visits is regular routine care. And, yes, most pool owners need to do a few things on their own to keep their pools pristine.  If you decide to take care of murky water or broken pumps on your own, make sure you refer to your owner’s manuals.

  • Skim debris. Skim the surface by hand every few days. Use a long-handled net called a hand skimmer to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris before it sinks to the bottom and becomes harder to remove. Skimming your pool’s surface keeps the circulation of your pool going strong and reduces the amount of chlorine you need. Also, be sure to empty skimmer baskets by shaking them out and spraying them with a hose. This is fairly easy to do without a professional but something that our pool service provides.
  • Empty Skimmer Basket. When you skim the debris make sure to shake out the skimmer basket and spray with a hose until everything is loose. Be sure not to bang the skimmer against hard surfaces as it can break fairly easily. Simply shake it against your hand to remove any stubborn debris. For major cleaning, it’s best left to the professionals at Blue Water Pool Cleaning.
  • Maintain water level. Water levels decrease from splashing, evaporation, and skimming. Make sure the water levels don’t get too low. You don’t want your pump to be damaged. If the water level goes below the level of the skimmer, it’s time to fill the pool back up.
  • Clean up surrounding debris. Leaves from nearby trees can collect around the pool and drop in from time to time. It’s best to keep the area around the pool clear of any debris as well, not just for the pool clarity but so that no one will slip on wet leaves or trip over items and cause injury.

The above are all things you can be doing yourself to help ensure your pools health and beauty. When your professional pool service comes out to your pool, we’ll take care of such things as maintaining the water chemistry, vacuuming, cleaning the filter as well as all the above general maintenance.

Want more information? Call the experts at Blue Water for Jacksonville Pool services. We service a variety of pools and spas around the Jacksonville area. Relax! We take care of everything!