Salt Water Pool Systems

Why implement a salt water pool system?

Today, many are ditching traditional chemicals for salt chlorine generators — and for good reason! These systems convert salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine.

Salt water pool systems are surprisingly refreshing and potentially safer than traditional chlorine options. If you’re looking to upgrade your swim experience, salt chlorine generators are a great way to make pool ownership even more satisfying!


  • Softer pool water makes for a silky smooth swim experience
  • Less irritating to your eyes and skin
  • Eliminate harmful chemical additives
  • No more bleached bathing suits!
  • Consistent chlorination levels around your pool zones

Our Favorite Salt Water Pool Systems

We’re big fans of Pentair and Jandy salt chlorine generators. They’re tried-and-true, and also backed by outstanding warranties.

Pentair IntelliChlor
Salt Chlorine Generator

Pentair IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator
  • Check salt levels, cell cleanliness, and output in real-time
  • Automatic shut-off prolongs cell life in cooler conditions
  • Compatible with Pentair’s smartphone app controls

Pentair iChlor
Salt Chlorine Generator

Pentair iChlor salt chlorine generator
  • Adjust sanitizing levels in percentage increments from 1–100%
  • Operates best at lower flow rates (20 GPM)
  • Longer electronics lifespan

Jandy TruClear
Salt Chlorinator

Jandy TruClear salt chlorinator
  • Optimized for low flow rates
  • Energy-efficient design compatible with variable speed pumps
  • Compatible with Jandy’s smartphone app controls

Jandy AquaPure
Salt Water Pool System

Jandy AquaPure salt water pool system
  • Sturdy, reliable construction with ruthenium-coated titanium electrodes
  • Exceptional hydraulic efficiency
  • Compatible with Jandy’s smartphone app controls

Salt Chlorine’s Efficiency

Unlike conventional chlorine that needs daily replacement, salt pools can recycle salt to further reduce regular pool maintenance.

Most salt chlorine generators can also clean themselves with a reverse cycling function that prevents scale buildup.

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