Pool Heaters

Pool heaters for sale in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra!

Extend Your Swim Season with Pool Heaters

Looking to get the most out of your swim season? A swimming pool heater can warm up your water and extend your season for a few more months!

Enjoy the comfort of modern swimming from leading pool heater brands like:

Types of Pool Heaters We Offer

Gas Pool Heaters

  • Classic heating method for over 60 years
  • Fastest way to heat a pool
  • New energy-efficient models reduce exhaust

Heat Pumps

  • Capture ambient heat from the outside air
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Maintain consistent water pressure

Pool Heater Brands We Proudly Supply

Each pool heater we sell and install is matched to your pool’s specifications and the brand of your pool’s existing equipment. We recommend sizing pool heaters up to create the optimal amount of heat without overworking the pool heater and compromising energy savings.


Gas heater

Pentair MasterTemp pool heater
  • Quiet, dependable operation
  • Save up to 35% per year with optional bypass
  • Smartphone-compatible controls


Gas heater

Jandy JXi pool heater
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design
  • 84% thermal efficiency
  • AquaLink compatibility


Heat pump

  • Ultra-durable titanium heat exchanger
  • Automatic defrost combats freezing in lower temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant cabinet


Heat pump

AquaCal Heatwave swimming pool heater heat pump
  • Pure titanium, corrosion-resistant heat exchanger
  • Quiet, efficient performance
  • Air Flow Vectoring Top ensures maximum efficiency