All You Have to Do Is Swim

At Blue Water, our expert pool cleaners are licensed, insured, uniformed, drug-tested, background-checked, and certified. When you work with us, you get a timely estimate followed by contract-free work. Our certified pool technicians are highly-skilled and trained to handle every one of your pool cleaning needs. If you’re looking for reliable pool cleaning professionals, Blue Water is the Jacksonville, Florida area company you can trust. With nearly 50 years of experience, we are a long-standing Northeast Florida favorite for pool care.

You can relax knowing that pool cleaning is one less task you have to worry about. You and your loved ones can spend time enjoying your pool instead of worrying about chemical balances or water quality.

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If your pool is in need of professional cleaning, contact us today! With Blue Water, all you have to do is swim.

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Our Weekly & Semi-Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Blue Water can set you up with a weekly or semi-monthly swimming pool cleaning service package, depending on your unique needs. While both packages include the same services, the frequency of cleaning will depend on what you deem is best for your pool and your needs. During our weekly and semi-monthly swimming pool cleaning services we:

  • Distribute standard chemicals
  • Provide attentive, professional service
  • Brush tile lines
  • Vacuum the pool floor
  • Clean the skimmer
  • Clean pump baskets
  • Test chemical balance
  • Add chemicals as necessary
  • Inspect pump & filter equipment
  • Clean and service salt cell
  • Clean filter as necessary

Why Choose Blue Water…?

We have more than five decades of experience cleaning pools. At Blue Water, we understand that cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining the condition of your swimming pool. We can help with everything from one-time cleanings to weekly cleanings. When searching for a pool cleaner in the Jacksonville area, choose Blue Water. We are highly rated on Google by our customers and offer competitive pricing for our services. If you want to have a clean pool year-round, contact Blue Water today!